Moral Statement

We, Ashia, hereby declare that the following statement reflects our business intentions and our ethical convictions.

Ashia is a not-for-profit conservation organisation founded to help prevent the further decline of wild cheetah populations. Genetic reinforcement through release, relocation, (re)introduction, as well as urgent, impromptu cheetah rescue operations take place in coordination with local and international conservation authorities. To ensure longevity of this project and in partnerships with relevant scientific bodies, Ashia is initiating, funding and coordinating applicable research projects in order to contribute significantly to the conservation and genetic integrity as well as the growth and range expansion of the cheetah population in Africa.

We are open and honest with partnering organisations involved in any of our projects and/or activities as well as interns, researchers, students or volunteers joining us. We provide a safe environment for both the program participants and the animals in our care.

Transparency of our business dealings is important to us, so we will provide our partnering organisations with relevant information and try to answer all questions that might arise to the best of our knowledge and belief.

At Ashia we do not condone wild animal petting/cuddling. All animals ear-marked for release are mother-raised. Captive-bred and wild rescued individuals are cared for by our experienced staff using as little human interaction as necessary. Volunteers are assisting in their hands-off care when required, and only after going through a training and induction program.

Ashia does not support breeding of any big or small cats in captivity unless it is for proven conservation and release purposes. At our facility in Paarl we do not breed with any animals. Ashia is not involved in the canned lion/hunting industry and we unreservedly condemn such practices.

At Ashia, we believe in implementing best practice and research globally on cheetah conservation. Ashia is a contributing member of the International Cheetah Studbook, annually published by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). The Cheetah Studbook is a world register of cheetahs in captivity and a source of best practice and research in cheetah conservation.

All animals passing through our project are DNA tested and we invite representatives from South African Nature Conservation authorities (such as Cape Nature) to visit our program and to witness that we are providing the animals temporary or permanently at the Ashia Center in Paarl with the best possible care. We also hold a PAPA License issued by the State Veterinarian to confirm that we meet the standards of animal welfare.

We serve to better the living conditions of the animals in our care and do not knowingly get involved with anything contrary to this belief. The welfare of our animals will always come first. Preventing as far as possible any stressful situations helps to ensure active, confident and healthy cats. Our limited Educational Tours focus on informing the public about predator conservation, the threats faced by each species, the status quo of our Cheetah Release & Reintroduction Program as well as our current Research Projects.

Yours Sincerely,
The Shareholders, Members and Directors of Ashia