Cheetah Conservation

black and white portrait of a cheetah

Ashia is an African name meaning ‘hope and life’.

As such the name reflects perfectly the two sides of the project – giving hope for the future of the cheetah species through Ashia’s Reintroduction and Research Programs, and offering the best life to the animals in need of care at the Cheetah Center in Paarl.

Resist Decline.

Reinforce Populations.

Re-establish With Conservation Value.

Wild cheetah populations have been estimated to 7100 individuals across their historical range, but current trends are suggesting that they are in fact far lower. As 77% of these remaining wild cheetah persist outside of formally protected areas, our response is two-fold. Enhancing the value of cheetah in protected areas and implementing conservation measures outside of these safe spaces.

The cheetah species’ distribution is less than 10% of the historic range. With wild spaces being secured and restored both in terms of habitat and prey numbers, we are working towards returning a key predator into these rehabilitated wild spaces. 


Ashia Cheetah Conservation is a non-profit conservation organisation founded to help prevent the further decline of wild cheetah populations. Ashia’s Cheetah Center, a mere 45-minute drive from Cape Town in South Africa’s Western Cape, is the hub for the organisation’s substantial conservation and research initiatives. Founded in 2016, Ashia is successfully releasing, relocating and (re)introducing carefully chosen cheetahs to game reserves and national parks in Africa.

Genetic reinforcement, increase of the resident range of cheetah populations as well as urgent, impromptu cheetah rescue operations take place in coordination with local and international conservation authorities. To ensure longevity of this project and in partnerships with relevant scientific bodies, Ashia is initiating, funding and coordinating applicable research projects in Africa in order to contribute significantly to the conservation and genetic integrity as well as the growth and range expansion of the cheetah population in Africa. 


The start of the first phase of wilding of captive cheetah entering Ashia’s Release and Reintroduction Program.

Provide spacious enclosures, professional veterinary care and appropriate diets to cheetah in need of rehabilitation or temporary holding.

A safe home for animals with health problems or injuries that cannot be released into the wild.

Give volunteers and guests an unforgettable opportunity to understand, promote and contribute to cheetah conservation. 

Research & Conservation

of a threatened species

The key to long-term conservation of the species is exploring all promising research avenues. Through multiple ongoing studies, Ashia continuously develops relevant programs for cheetah conservation.

Ashia has been working towards mitigating threats facing wild cheetah populations by restoring predatory ecosystem integrity through responsible reintroduction and population management. 


At the Center

Unveil the heart of Ashia by diving into our diverse volunteer programs. Whether you’re looking for a long-term commitment, gaining practical experience in conservation, serving as a local volunteer, or experiencing a day in the life of our dedicated animal carers, we offer a myriad of opportunities for all.

Join us as we combine passion, conservation, and community amidst the serene backdrop of the Drakenstein Mountains. Dive into the details and embark on a journey of connection, growth, and impact. 

Working Holidays

volunteering at a relaxed pace

Not everyone can take long periods of time off from work or their studies, so a working holiday is a perfect alternative! Days can be spent working alongside the staff with their daily duties or relaxing at the center, exploring nearby areas (including the Winelands or Cape Town itself), or spending time peacefully overseeing our resident cheetahs. 

Day Visits

for the curious at heart

Book a spot to watch the worlds’ fastest land mammal during a fitness run followed by guided walking tour to see all the animals in our care and learn about Ashia’s conservation work in Southern Africa. A refreshing drink and a browse in our bespoke shop before or after your tour is time well spent! 

Ashia does not support the cheetah petting industry or the keeping of releasable cheetahs in captivity: All operations are fully funded by Chantal Rischard & Stephan Illenberger, the founders of Ashia.